We currently have 1 booth available for rent.

New to booth rental? Don’t worry! We can help make the transition smooth.

Being your own boss and renting a booth is for you if:

-You have a clientele built already that come to your salon for YOU.
-You know what products you love using and what services you like to do.
-You like working in an environment where you are NOT micromanaged.
-You want to set your own hours, prices and schedule.

Leaving commission can seem stressful, but we have all made the jump and are happier for it.

Thinking about renting a studio space vs a booth?

Did you know in most studio spaces;

– The starting rent (which normally is a room without a window) is over double our monthly rent. Ever try doing hair or taking a pic for social media without daylight? Hard to do your job.
-You have to provide EVERYTHING ( think drinks for clients, your own bowls, towels, etc., your own website.)
-You have to take your towels and capes home to wash or spend $ on a laundry service.
– Building a clientele is harder because a new business takes time to grow online, on google and yelp.
-You are alone, so if you run out of a product like color, you can’t borrow any in a pinch. Plus, you are alone so you don’t have anyone to bounce formula ideas off of, or help if you need to get a client in and you have to take a day off.

But not as a booth renter at our salon 🙂

Included in your rent we have:
-Bottled water/ pop/ coffee for your clients.
-High speed Wi-Fi.
-We feature each stylist and their work on our social media and Yelp.
-Your own page on our website so your clients can see your work, pricing, hours and contact info.
-Storage space for your products.
-Retail space available if you like to sell retail.
-Shared use of tools if you don’t have your own yet ( color bowls, brushes, combs, robes, etc)

Our salon also has :
-Excellent ratings on Yelp , so you will be able to get new clients quickly.
-Lots of paid street parking on Lincoln Ave. for clients .
-Parking behind the salon ( if available) at no charge.
-Parking passes during cubs season.
-Conveniently located between the Addison and Paulina Brown Line stops.
-Shared laundry duty so no having to buy your own towels, and no having to wash them at home.
-Options for full or part time.
-Your own key and security code so you can come and go on your own schedule.
– A week vacation after a year.

So if you have questions , please reach out and we are happy to meet you, give you a tour and help you start your transition into booth renting today.

email our manager: Management@colourroomchicago.com

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