In cooperation with the Mayor's orders, our salon will remained closed until June 3rd. We appreciate your patience while getting everyone rescheduled in a safe manner.



WE ARE A GROUP OF INDEPENDENT STYLISTS AND WE WANT YOU TO FIND THE RIGHT one FOR YOU. Your stylist takes care of you from booking, to checkout. A receptionist doesn’t know your hair, so why would she book your appointment? WE PUT YOU IN CONTROL BY LETTING YOU TALK DIRECTLY WITH THE STYLIST THAT YOU WILL BE WORKING WITH, SO ANY QUESTIONS ARE ANSRED BY A PROFESSIONAL. 



Our Mission

Not every stylist is right for every client. At The Colour Room, we want you to find the perfect match for your hair goals. check out our galleries on social media, or explore the team page to get the right stylist for you.

Find Your Stylist

You wouldn’t want “just anybody that’s available” to do your hair and neither do we. Check out our team and find who specializes in exactly what you are looking for.

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