Pricing and service menu update

I wanted to give everyone that I have seen this year, an update for pricing and services in 2022 and also to give a HUGE thank you to YOU, the people that come and spend your time and money in my chair, at my salon. I appreciate you.

It is with a lot of your encouragement ( and a worldwide pandemic increasing prices on just about everything) that I recalibrate my prices for the cost of doing business in 2022.

I know it is a jump for some services, so if you need to cancel or modify any upcoming services in 2022, please either contact me or use Vagaro to make any necessary changes.  ( ).

I do not take ANY offense if my new prices are no longer in your budget, and I appreciate the time we were able to work together.

One CHANGE I have made is giving the option for a DRY CUT which is a quick trim of the length and face framing layers. A dry cut will be available to be booked in addition to a color or stand alone and is half the price of a haircut. 

These prices and options take effect January 1, 2022.

Thank you again,

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